Awareness Raising in a Box

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) launched the ‘Awareness Raising in a box (AR-in-a-Box)’ package designed to help organisations build their own awareness raising programmes. Awareness raising programmes form an indispensable part of an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy and are used to promote good practices and induce change in the cybersecurity culture of employees, and ultimately society at large.

AR-in-a-Box is a toolbox to be used by public bodies, operators of essential services, large and small private companies who wish to create their own cybersecurity awareness activities. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge on how to design and implement effective cybersecurity awareness programs, including:

  • A guideline on building custom awareness programs for internal use within an organisation.
  • A guideline on creating targeted awareness campaigns for external stakeholders.
  • Instructions on selecting the appropriate tools and channels to effectively reach the target audience.
  • Instructions on developing Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of a program or campaign.
  • A guide for the development of a communication strategy, crucial for achieving awareness objectives.
  • An awareness raising quiz to test comprehension and retention of key information.
  • An awareness raising game provided in different versions and styles, along with a guide on how to play.

With AR-in-a-Box, ENISA equips organisations with the necessary tools and resources to effectively raise cybersecurity awareness within their operations. AR-in-a-Box is dynamic and will be regularly updated and enriched. You can find the ENISA page here, where you can also download the full package.