Deploying the Network of National Coordination Centres with Member States

The NCC-MT Project Goals

1. EU and National Cybersecurity Community
Building and maintaining the National and EU Cybersecurity Community and raising awareness
2. Education and Skilling
Contribution towards continuous education and skills in the cybersecurity field
3. Cybersecurity Awareness
Raising awareness on the importance of cybersecurity, the NCC and ECCC, and work being done through this project
4. EU Funding Opportunities
Promoting and distributing EU funds such as Digital Europe Programme and Horizon Europe

The Maltese National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCC) operates within a network of European Member States’ NCCs, and has so far strived to fulfill tasks assigned by the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre, as outlined in EU Regulation 2021/887.

The NCC-MT project has two objectives. Firstly, €933 thousand has been allocated to encompass pivotal activities such as establishing and coordinating the NCC-MT, including building a National Cybersecurity Community enabled by an online register, and evaluating requests to join the EU Community. Through a dedicated website and online presence, the NCC aims to showcase its efforts, promote cybersecurity funding calls, and highlight NCC-MT project outcomes.

Secondly, the NCC is committed in allocating funds to SMEs for embracing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. A comprehensive needs analysis identified five critical cybersecurity areas for local SMEs, with €1.98 million directed towards addressing them, forming the foundation for future funding. The project was budgeted a total of €2.8 million. 

Spanning from 2023 until 2024 and under the direction of the NCC, the NCC-MT project anticipates the fulfillment of its duties, significantly enhancing local and EU cybersecurity, and laying the groundwork for sustained growth in cybersecurity initiatives.



NCC-MT Mission


Our Achievements

Achievement 01

National Cybersecurity Community

Established the National Cybersecurity Community to foster growth in the cybersecurity field within a local and European context.

Established the Community Portal, an online register mechanism allowing prospective members to join and existing members to stay informed about cybersecurity developments.

Formed the first Consultation Council for the Community, overseeing Community policies, initiatives, market actions, and  memberships.

Organised activities as part of the cybersecurity dialogue framework to encourage national participation in the Community.

Achievement 02

National Cybersecurity Awareness

Invested in effective communication to promote the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC), the National Cybersecurity Coordination Centre (NCC), NCC-MT project outcomes, and the Digital Europe Programme (DEP).

Engaged with the Maltese industry and the public to raise awareness about the Community itself, cybersecurity, and existing opportunities. This effort is continuous to maximize common knowledge of cybersecurity.

Achievement 03


Collaborating with the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and, national contact points for Horizon Europe and Digital Europe Programme respectively.

Ongoing collaboration with MDIA, Malta’s digital innovation hub (DiHubMT), providing insights into emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, and Cybersecurity.

Collaborating with various NCCs like Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, and Spain, to enhance NCC knowledge-sharing, experiences, and skills.

Achievement 04

EU Funding Schemes

Established a Financial Support to Third Party (FSTP) framework focusing on the publication of calls for third party financing, evaluation and award of projects submitted for funding, project monitoring, funding disbursement, and reporting.

Published the CYBER+ALT Grant Scheme with an overall budget of €2 million directed towards small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of enhancing their cybersecurity capacity.

Developed call reference material and an application form to guide interested applicants in applying for the Scheme.

Held an information session with stakeholders and interested parties to explain the Scheme and answer questions.

Achievement Outcomes

national cybersecurity community individual members
collaborations with extra-national NCCs
national cybersecurity community entity members
national cybersecurity community events



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This NCC-MT project was mandated to the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) by the European Union, represented by the European Commission in support by the European Cybersecurity Coordination Centre.



This project co-funded under Grant Agreement No. 101100652 is supported by the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Commission. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.